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The RAZOR System in PINK? -Saturday, October 26, 2019
Yes! But only 200 Systems worldwide. It sll started during the BOOT Show 2019 ...
We finally get started with the first SIDE MOUNT SUMMIT in Mexico and are proud to have several great partners along with it. The event will be sponsored by these dive companies: Fourth Element, Shearwater Research, Miflex, Divesoft and of course RAZOR.
We're happy and proud to announce the first Side Mount Summit this year in autumn in Mexico!

The Razor Side Mount System 2.5 Complete

The Complete Razor Side Mount System is a complete integrated system designed specifically for side mount diving. It can be used for both cold water diving with Drysuits and Steel tanks and warm water diving with Wetsuits and Aluminium tanks.

The Razor weight pocket

Designed to be used with the Razor weight system base layer. Finally a weight system that allows you to place the weight pockets exactly where you need them.

Backup Mouthpiece

Backup Mouthpiece to store in the Expandable pouch.
New products

Razor Side Mount System 2.5 Complete - PINK EDITION

This limited PINK EDITION of the Complete Razor System has the following components:
• Razor Harness 2.5 - Black Edition
• PINK Redundant BAT Wing 2.5 with integrated weight base layer
• Add. T Weight System
• Universal Spares Part Kit
• 6 inch Miflex LPI hose in PINK
• Spare Side Mount Bungeeset in black
• PINK Expandable Side Mount Pouch
• 2 black Double Enders for the Pouch

Find more info about why pink here:

All metal parts of this system will be delivered in black colour!

RAZOR Break Away Connector /w BLACK RAZOR Bolt Snap

New designed for better fit on your long hose - always ready to use to deploy in an out of gas emergency.

Set of 3 Razor Side Mount Hose Retainers (80 cuf)

Set of 3 Razor Side Mount Hose Retainers (80 cuf)

Shearwater Research Teric Dive Computer + 2 Transmitter

Powerful, simple, reliable and colourful! The Teric brings divers an everyday timepiece and dive computer of unprecedented capabilities. Different watch faces, air integration, freediving mode, technical and recreational dive modes, OC and CC, programmable timers, alarms and stopwatch... and it works seamlessly with Shearwater Cloud!