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New line markers - color your way! -Tuesday, June 6, 2017
Check out our new colored line markers - they come in transparent GREEN, RED and ORANGE and are extremely visible in the cave. Choose your favorite color and get a set of three cookies, REMs or line arrows here in the shop.
New RAZOR System 2.5 is now available! -Saturday, February 4, 2017
The new Complete Razor System 2.5 has the following components:
• Razor Harness 2.5
• Redundant BAT Wing 2.5 with integrated weight base layer
• Add. T Weight System
• Razor Tool
• 6 inch Miflex LPI hose
• Spare Side Mount Bungee
• Expandable Side Mount Pouch
• 2 Double enders for the Pouch
Warm & comfy - the new RAZOR Dry Hood -Wednesday, December 28, 2016
The Razor Dry Hood is a comfortable cold water dry hoods made from 7mm full-stretch neoprene. It comes in different sizes from S-XL.

Break Away Connector

Designed to simply deploy the long hose from the clip in an emergency.

Lp Hose Release Flanges (Hose Hat), per pair

Designed to simply press onto the knurled sleeve on the quick disconnect on the power inflator hose.

Eezy Cut Trilobite Line Cutter (Color Gun Metal/Black Harness)

The EEZYCUT trilobite is the latest in line cutting technology and design, aimed primarily at cave divers. The kit comes with 2 replacement blades.
New products

Miflex 6" Low Pressure Hose

Miflex hose production is carried out to the highest quality and standards on our automated assembly and testing line. Each and every hose is subject to more than 30 individual safety and specification checks, automatically during production, to deliver a product of the highest quality.
<Attention: due to safety reasons all hose purchases are excluded from claim or exchange!

RAZOR Multitool

Handy and compact multi tool to carry in your Razor Expandable Pouch

Razor Dry Hood

The Razor Dry Hood is a comfortable cold water dry hoods made from 7mm full-stretch neoprene. Different sizes.

Navigation-Kit «Intro To Cave Set»

Set for your «Intro To Cave Course» containing a Navigation-Kit, 3 REMs, 3 cookies and 3 line arrows (white).