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About Us

Who We Are:
We are a team of a highly experienced Cave Divers, Instructors, Explorers and Videographers living, diving and teaching in the paradise of cave diving - the Riviera Maya Mexico.

Why? Because we're cave divers.

Along with our dive experiences there was a need for specialized gear to reach our goals in exploration. All our product range is solid tested in the probably most challenging dive conditions you can find. So what works under these conditions works everywhere. Our approach is reduce it to the max. For the Razor Side Mount System we put in 15 years of Side Mount experience, weeks and month for prototyping, test diving and engineering.

Dive original!

There is no substitute for experience and finding out what really works in practice, rather than just in theory.

The development and testing process of the Razor Side Mount System has taken several years and hundreds of Side Mount dives under real world conditions with most dives being conducted in cave environment by some of the world’s most experienced side mount divers and cave explorers. For example the last test dives were conducted by Steve Bogaerts and Bil Phillips using Side Mount plus 4 stages and 2 scooters each for extended cave exploration dives in Sistema Ox Bel Ha.
Imitation is, they say, the sincerest form of flattery and although the Razor Harness has been copied by many proving just how good it really is, it has never been bettered until the new version 2.5. Buying the original product supports us to develop future products and gives you the guarantee, that you are diving equipment, where every part was made for a certain function. The new Razor 2.5 has the RAZOR-Logo engraved on all metal parts, so you can recognize the original from any copies.

Contact us

Contact us if you have questions regarding our products, check out the forums and feel free to register yourself at our shop to receive the newest product information.

Safe diving
HP Hartmann + Steve Bogaerts