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We're happy and proud to announce the first Side Mount Summit this year in autumn in Mexico!
Like on our Sidemount System we worked hard on details to make it the most practical, powerful and innovative one on the market.
BLACK is the new PINK! -Tuesday, January 8, 2019
Check out our new Razor Complete System 2.5 "Black Edition" - because we just LOVE Black!
The new small Razor LED Backup Light BL220 is made of durable aluminum Alloy and waterproof up to 60m depth.
Our new Break-Away Connector is here! -Saturday, June 9, 2018
Even better than the original! Test our new RAZOR Break Away Connector V2 to fix & release your long hose.
The Redundant BAT Wing 2.5 already comes with an integrierted Pocket Weight-Layer. Still diving a Razor 2.1? Buy the weight layer separately to upgrade your system!
Just in case! Ready to go when you need it the most. But the Razor Backup Light BL1200 is more than just a backup light.
The Reel Colors are here! -Thursday, August 31, 2017
Our new cool aluminum safety-spools do not only differ in color from others - their shape offers a couple of advantages for divers using them, too!
New line markers - color your way! -Tuesday, June 6, 2017
Check out our new colored line markers - they come in transparent GREEN, RED and ORANGE and are extremely visible in the cave. Choose your favorite color and get a set of three cookies, REMs or line arrows here in the shop.
New RAZOR System 2.5 is now available! -Saturday, February 4, 2017
The new Complete Razor System 2.5 has the following components:
• Razor Harness 2.5
• Redundant BAT Wing 2.5 with integrated weight base layer
• Add. T Weight System
• Razor Tool
• 6 inch Miflex LPI hose
• Spare Side Mount Bungee
• Expandable Side Mount Pouch
• 2 Double enders for the Pouch